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In the U.S., Olansi air purifiers were initially introduced to combat mold and mildew in commercial spaces. The manufacturer has expanded its product line to include purifiers suitable for use at home. They now offer comprehensive systems that can be used for residential and commercial applications. In the field of Ionizing and air filtering the brand is associated with quality. For more information about the products, check out the Olansi website To make sure you have an effective unit this is a quick look at some of the reasons why Olansi air purifiers are preferred by so many users around the world.

Cleaning the house is never easier. Aside from dust that builds up throughout your home airborne allergens could cause serious health risks. Dust particles can cause headaches, sneezing and even nosebleeds in certain homeowners. With the Olansi air-purifying cleanser that you can be certain that you won't have to experience these symptoms. The tiny particles emitted from the purifiers by the manufacturer release negative ions. They are almost indestructible and odorless however only those who live close to the area where the purifiers are installed can easily detect they exist in the air , as long as they are in the vicinity.

* It is crucial to keep your home in good condition. Do not be afraid to contact the manufacturer in case you notice that something is not working properly within your home. A unit for air purification that is regularly maintained can work effectively to remove any airborne pollutants and fumes inside your home. The monthly maintenance program included in each unit allows you to address potential issues without having to call the manufacturer more than once in a month. The Olansi technician will visit your home or the manufacturer can be at your home. It is recommended to have someone offer maintenance services. It's typically cheaper and simpler to deliver them to your home than to call them.

* A lifetime-long warranty. Olansi air purifiers offer 5-year warranty that covers labor and parts. The customer is not required to cover the warranty when you purchase or when the item is handed over to you. You can rest assured that your air purifier is durable and reliable, as well as offering the best results for your home. Should there be any problems during the warranty time it is possible to have the manufacturer pay for these so that you do not have to spend for repair services.

* High-efficiency filtration. The Olansi air purifier are equipped with extremely efficient HEPA filtering system.|HEPA filters are extremely efficient.} In turn, the quality of indoor air that is generated by these brands is thought to be as clean like any other indoor air. While other manufacturers may use a lower-quality HEPA filter, the cost of replacing filters is quite high. Olansi is a producer which sells premium purifiers with a lifetime guarantee. You do not have to worry about replacing filters.

* Ce-Certified activated charcoal filters. The Olansi range of products uses the identical premium HEPA filters as the manufacturer. They're committed to offering the highest quality air purifiers that are available on the market. It utilizes top-quality negative ion air purifier technology that has been certified by the American Lung Association. It is a must if you have someone in your family that has a condition like asthma, allergies, or other types of respiratory disease that affects the respiratory system, it is recommended to think about purchasing one of these units.

* Olansi air purifiers utilize an patented process called Ion Exchange. This technology is patented by the manufacturer and permits it to emit negative charged ions, rather than positive ions in the process of heating or cooling. The particles are drawn with a specially designed mesh system to create an electrostatic charge. This is then removed using an electrode with positive charge. These particles are then eliminated by a filtration system that is specially designed for their particular needs. The final purification process removes the particulates from the air leaving you feeling fresh and clean.

The Olansi manufacturer also uses what is called blocking of multimedia to prevent the release of allergens that are airborne. Fine media systems are used for this. Carbon filters are made of carbon designed to eliminate harmful chemicals, unpleasant odors, and negative negative ions in tiny spaces. Though many companies claim their air purifying systems have the most effective technology available, they cannot match the effectiveness of Olansi's. This manufacturer has spent many years developing their product to make sure that their customers are satisfied with their products. If you look at all the features available on this manufacturer's range of products, you will be able to see that they've created a product that is specifically designed for you.